Comedy Action Thriller written by Mathew Baynton and James Corden.

Series One DVD now available! (Direct from BBC Store)

Series 2 currently being written.

We’re at the read through for series two of #TheWrongMans with @JKCordenand @realmatbaynton. [X]

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Just met the lovely Tom basden who confirmed that the second series of the wrong mans will begin filming straight after Mat has performed in his theatre show in London, which finishes in early August. You heard it first here! 10th/11th August is the beginning filming date.

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You will all also be delighted to know that the second series will be broadcast on British screens again at the end of 2014!

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Mat talking about The Wrong Mans during his interview on BBC Breakfast.

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Mat has just announced on BBC Breakfast that the second series has been fully written (already?! Get you, guys!) and it’s going to be darker and deeper than series one.
I’ve recorded the clip, and will upload the footage after he’s been on air.

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@JimFieldSmith: EXCLUSIVE: the cast for Series 2 of The Wrong Mans is shaping up really nicely: [X]

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Anonymous inquired
How about David Tennant, as a bad guy? Or Frank Skinner?

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So. Seeing as series 2 is currently being written…

Are there any actors/actresses you would like to see appear in the next series?
As a good person? A bad person?

Drop your suggestions in the ask box, I will publish them all.
If the writing team are struggling for ideas, we can help them out!

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FreeSat Awards 2014

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@JimFieldSmith: Big day today: we officially started preproduction on series 2 of #TheWrongMans - arriving in your eyeballs this Christmas.

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The guys accepting their award, with a twist to spice up the evening, and making great use of the live band!

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Best awards recipient of the night - kept the band on its toes [X]

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James Corden winning the award for the Wrong Man! [X]

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Great to see at the awards tonight. A fantastic evening !! [x]

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