Comedy Action Thriller written by Mathew Baynton and James Corden.

Series One DVD now available! (Direct from BBC Store)

Series 2 currently being written.

James and Mat start filming the second series.
Check out the new plot line (does contain spoilers) here.

This time, they’re filming outside the UK!

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Just had an email saying that there’s two one hour specials reported for Christmas.
Not had any official confirmation from James or Mat, or anyone involved in TWM as yet but as soon as  it’s revealed, you’ll be first to know here.

Source link is here. (…I don’t usually trust DS!)

Edit: Seemingly it’s official! Thanks to paulmcgann for the alternative link from Radio Times

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I don’t like naming and shaming users, but unfortunately reposting capped-versions of what was previously gifs isn’t acceptable.
One of those gif sets was made by myself, another by a good friend of mine. Both of us have the same views regarding reposters.

If you see anything reposted by the user inspiregiggles in the following three tags, please don’t encourage notes on anything they put.
- The Wrong Mans
- James Corden
- Mathew Baynton

After checking their blog, it appears that they have simply reposted a lot of other people’s work.
I have sent a message to them, so hopefully they will remove all reposted gifs/caps, and begin to understand how Tumblr works.

Reposting isn’t cool, guys. GIF/Edit makers put a lot of time and effort into their work. A simple reblog from a the original poster is all that requires.

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Anonymous inquired
Good luck for the operation! Hope you get well soon :)

Thank you dear anon! Hopefully they’re going to release me today as I’ve made great progress, so I should be back on the posts tomorrow! X

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Hey you lot
There won’t be any posts from me for a few days as I’m in hospital for an operation. But as soon as I am back home and well, the posts shall resume!
Admin x

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Anonymous inquired
i think you can buy the outtakes on itunes? not sure

Just had a quick look, and you are absolutely correct!
(I do forget to check iTunes as a last resort. I haven’t used it in over 3 years, so it didn’t even cross my mind.)

The deleted scenes and bloopers can only be seen when bought as a series pack with all 6 episodes from Series 1. They also include Noel’s Diary by the looks of it.

Here’s the link for UK users!

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Johannesburg Audition Props Still Life #thewrongmans [X]

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Anonymous inquired
do you know anywhere to watch the outtakes?

They’re only available on Hulu/America at the moment. Have been trying to get in contact with BBC about releasing them in the UK.
At the moment, I don’t know a free way to watch them as the software I was using is no longer free.

If anyone in the UK does know a free solution, please do get in contact!
Would love to be able to upload them for everyone else to see.

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Sometimes you find perfect locations. And sometimes they find you.#thewrongmans [X]

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A lovely hello and shout out to the incredible Stephen Campbell-Moore who admin met today in London!
He thinks he may be in series two, but he’s not sure yet…
Do you guys want Agent Smoke back?

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We’re at the read through for series two of #TheWrongMans with @JKCordenand @realmatbaynton. [X]

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Just met the lovely Tom basden who confirmed that the second series of the wrong mans will begin filming straight after Mat has performed in his theatre show in London, which finishes in early August. You heard it first here! 10th/11th August is the beginning filming date.

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You will all also be delighted to know that the second series will be broadcast on British screens again at the end of 2014!

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Mat talking about The Wrong Mans during his interview on BBC Breakfast.

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